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The Salarpuria Group established in 1985 in Kolkata, India, is a commercial and residential Property development Consultancy, later expanded to Bangalore in 1992. Now headquartered in Bangalore, Salarpuria Sattva Group operates in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Goa, and Coimbatore. In 2006 the Sattva Group was established to diversify into non-core businesses such as education (Greenwood High International School), Aero Accessories for Defense, Facilities Management and Warehousing.

The organization’s real estate efforts are focused on residential and commercial projects. Currently, Salarpuria Sattva Group has completed developing about 15 million sq. ft. and 30 million more remain in the development or planning stages.Salarpuria Group has strived to achieve excellence in the field of Construction, Architecture, Real Estate, Construction Management, Facility and Infrastructure Management and Finance. Since its establishment the group has given the best value and quality to clients. Today, Salarpuria is a well-known name specializing in the construction of IT parks, retail outlets, elite residential buildings and up-market business complexes.

People resource is truly the wealth of the Salarpuria Group

280 strong dedicated employees that work continuously to ensure total satisfaction for our clients. From engineers, supervisors, maintenance people to well trained service staff that ensure total quality of service .We have trained and retrained our team to give our clients the very best. Employees are constantly trained in their professional areas to improve their work related skills. Stress related workshops are conducted at regular intervals to ensure that the staff are not burnt out in this highly stressful and demanding business.

We have often been challenged to complete projects in extraordinarily short time frames which we have delivered every time. While maintaining top notch quality and aesthetics. Thanks to the dedication and sincerity of our trained team. An important reason why our list of satisfied clients keeps growing.

Salarpuria Group Ongoing Properties: Bangalore

Salarpuria Greenage Salarpuria Melody Salarpuria Celesta
Salarpuria Gold Summit Salarpuria Magnificia Salarpuria Senorita Phase II
Salarpuria Luxuria  Salarpuria Aspire Salarpuria Sattva Laurel Heights
Salarpuria Senorita Salarpuria Sattva Pipal Tree  Salarpuria Sattva Cadenza
Salarpuria Greenage Phase II Salarpuria Sattva Divinity Salarpuria Sattva East Crest
Salarpuria Casa Irene  Salarpuria Sattva Misty Charm  Salarpuria Sattva Anugraha 

Salarpuria Group Upcoming Properties: Bangalore

Salarpuria Sattva Serene Life
Salarpuria Sattva Northland

Salarpuria Group Ongoing Properties: Kolkata

Salarpuria Silveroak Estate Salarpuria Sattva The Avenue Luxuria Heights
Salarpuria Pearl Salarpuria Silveroak Estate Prive

Salarpuria Group Ongoing Properties: Hyderabad

Salarpuria Sattva Necklace Pride
Salarpuria Sattva Magnus

Salarpuria Group Ongoing Properties: Pune

Salarpuria Sattva H And M Royal

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