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House of Hiranandani Pre Launch Projects in 2015 Bangalore

Hiranandani: For the last three decades, the Hiranandanis have been single-handedly altering the ethos and aesthetics of real estate in India. The group has built multi-use developments in India on a large scale and have introduced retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and entertainment into their developments. With a unique approach to engineering, planning and design, the Hiranandanis invest heavily in research and development to ensure they remain at the forefront of value engineering and design. The Hiranandani brings to its customers and stakeholders the benefit of years of experience under one roof, thereby creating a platform from which it will continue its pioneering innovations and set the standard for real estate development in India.

At Hiranandani developments, the amenities of an urban centre are balanced with the grandeur of space, the luxury of convenience, and the comfort of privacy. Your home rests in the upcoming areas of the city, but attention to landscape and nature will make you feel as if you are in oasis. Gone is the notion that city life must be hectic, overcrowded and polluted. Our eco-friendly town planning and attention to detail will ensure that all your needs are catered. The values are at the forefront of each and every step of the building process and our large family of investors, customers and staff know that House of Hiranandani means more than quality building, it is gateway to quality life.

House of Hiranandani Ongoing Properties: Bangalore

Hiranandani Glen Classic Hiranandani Glen Gate Hiranandani Queensgate
House of Hiranandani Devanahalli Hiranandani Cottages Hiranandani Club Meadows
Hiranandani Cypress Hiranandani Lakeside Hiranandani Edenhall
Hiranandani Hill Crest Hiranandani Bannerghatta Hiranandani Upscale
Hiranandani Upscale Bannerghatta Hiranandani Calgary Hiranandani Kingston
Hiranandani Horizon    

House of Hiranandani Ongoing Properties: Chennai

Hiranandani Palace Gardens Hiranandani Tiana Hiranandani Edina
Hiranandani Bayview Hiranandani Loftline Hiranandani Amalfi
Hiranandani Sinovia The House Of Hiranandani  

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