SJR Prime Corp

SJR Prime Corp

SJR Prime Corp is a new division of the SJR Group, structured to provide highly differentiating projects to various urban needs – residential, commercial and hospitality. SJR Group founded by S Jayarama Reddy in 1973. Begins with Infrastructure – Airport Tarmacs, Flyovers, Highways and Factories.

In the last 37 years, since 1973, the SJR Group has grown from being a mere provider of infrastructure solutions to developing properties that are today defining growth and prosperity in Bangalore city. From roads, flyovers, airport tarmacs, and community centres, the group today caters to the entire spectrum of solutions that any industrialised society needs.

Projects SJR Prime Corp are in sync with global trends, the needs of people, and systems meant to reduce the impact on the environment, Construction and finishing quality, High-quality Fittings. At the heart of the ethos of SJR Primecorp, is an unfailing desire to provide the utmost quality at a value that is in sync with global trends, the intimate needs of people today and the environment.

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  1. Mohan Kumar P R

    My Kind Advice – do not get fooled by SJR PRIME CORP. An organization ruing us in every form. Booked my flat @ SJR PRIMECORP FIESTA HOMES in 2011 and still it is not delivered. Also wondering when it will be delivered. An highly unprofessional organization. They are worse and the most irresponsible organization than any-others in the market now. No Planning, No communication, they will be behind us only for money and nothing else. Its unfortunate that I put my hard earned money in SJR PRIME CORP just by seeing the brand.

    Representative in SJR PRIME CORP will never ever respond you in time. They all take us granted. Never expect an reply from them without followup.

    And when coming to the quality of construction, wonder how they are saying that they are a reputed builders. Initially they will promise you something and they will change it without even informing their customers. When the customers ask why have you changed it, they will simply say its the management decision and the management will never ever turn for us. But while talking to them, they will simply sugarcote all the words. In my flat @ FIESTA HOMES, they dinn construct a balcony which was supposed to be there and shown in the plan. When asked about it, they said sorry, our site engineer have missed it, now I am going to get my apartment without a balcony. Such is their responsibility. First time I saw the Electric wiring going through the floor. Hope you will now understand their quality and professionalism. Donot waste your hard earned money with SJR PRIME CORP. ‪#‎SJRRIMECORP‬ ‪#‎FIESTAHOMES‬

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