Concorde Group


Concorde Group was set up in 1998 and in just a decade and a half has developed over 18 million sft of residential space, keeping in line with the rocketing growth of the IT industry in Bangalore.

Concorde Group brought with it an ability to deliver homes that are world class in design and execution. It changed the way people experienced comfort and luxury in their living environment. Concorde homes are built with love and passion and are close to working environments yet bring with them a seclusion and privacy that allows a great life away from the pressures  of a work day.

Long lasting value for customers with benchmark quality, enviable locations and thoughtfully designed architecture are some of the attributes that set apart a Concorde home from the rest. Concorde Group is managed by professional veterans from real estate and various other sectors, all working towards making the group the most preferred real estate company.

We are glad to have been a part of the great Bangalore story. As the city evolves, we are certain that Concorde Group will be a name that’s going to be associated with its success

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  1. Namitha

    Concorde Group is a one of most Important and prestige’s developer in this sector. We experience that the service of the company is very good and the customer handling and customer respect given very liable that make good for customer relationship.

  2. Vinod

    I have recently invested in Concorde Auriga as I have liked their project plan and it’s a pre-launch project located at K R Puram,

  3. Mandavi

    Concorde Group has constructed a comfortable place to live with family. They maintain their projects well and every project has good connectivity to the rest of the city. You can check out their projects like Concorde Auriga, Napa Valley. I have already invested in Concorde Epitome.

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