Builders in Bangalore

Builders in Bangalore are known to provide excellent quality of construction and best of amenities to the buyers. These builders have changed the skyline of Bangalore with their construction both in terms of residential real estate and commercial properties.  Top Bangalore builders also offer customized services to meet the needs and requirements of their clients in the best manner possible. Each and every detail is meticulously crafted to offer the best deal to the clients. We can essentially categorize the builders in Bangalore into tiers based on their reliability, user feedback, past performance, affordability and market presence.

Tier 1 Builders

Tier 1 builders are the most reliable developers in Bangalore. The have a strong presence in Bangalore and have a historical track record of executing multiple large scale projects in Bangalore. They generally cater to higher end customers (think luxury apartments). The quality of construction has had consistently good review from residents. The projects have essentially all amenities one would expect in a high end complex. You can essentially invest in these properties without any fear and can expect good returns on investment. Click here to access Tier 1 builders in Bangalore.

Tier 2 Builders

Tier 2 Builders deal with smaller projects in Bangalore, but have a good track record. They have usually execute fewer projects when compared to Tier 1 builders, but nonetheless have a proven track record in completing projects on time and budge. They cater to those homeowners looking to buy affordable housings but do not want to compromise on quality. Click here to access Tier 2 builders in Bangalore.

Tier 3 Builders

Tier 3 Builders deal either deal with very small projects or do not have a strong presence in Bangalore. One needs to do their research before investing in these projects. There are definitely some key players in this segment who are reliable and provide value for money at price points that are affordable to the average Indian. We provide a comprehensive list of Tier 3 builders who have executed at least one project on Bangalore. Click here to access Tier 3 builders in Bangalore.

Builder List in Bangalore:


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  1. Emma Jennifer

    It is a great post . After reading your post I found that how much we get knowledge about builders. Publish this type article again in future.

  2. Eric McDonald

    Great idea about builders. It is very useful information. It’s looking very beautiful after custom. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Chandini

    I would want to know how good are Sriven Properties Ltd builders and can I rely on them in terms of documentation,handing over possession on time and other factors that are crucial for buying a home.

  4. Vikas

    Nice information.
    We were looking for house from past few years and I recently saw this blog. I started sorting out the projects as per my requirements and and found Concorde Group projects very impressive. And I am happy that finally I booked an Apartment in Concorde Napa Valley. Luxury Apartment with all good amenities. Thanks to your blog that I find Concorde Group here and get a chance to explore it more and landed upto a good deal.

  5. Lopa

    Well written. Thank you for the information. I was searching for house in Bangalore and got contact for Sowparnika Projects & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. I find there projects good and reasonable. Anyone who also had invested on Sowparnika?

  6. NB

    I want to know about Raja housing ltd and about their ongoing project Raja Ritz Avenue.
    I want to know that how much reliable is this builder,their construction quality and reliability in giving possession on time.
    any information will be helpful.


  7. Prasenjit Banerjee


    Am looking at a property of SRR Raj Enclave on Kanakapura Road. Would like to know the reliability of the Developer.
    Mainly concerned with the reliability of the Property and the papers.

  8. Lokesh

    hi, We are planning to book an apartment from MRB Developers. Project name is MRB Meadows located behind Bangalore University (Nagadevanahalli). Are they reliable ? Any suggestions on this will be really helpful. Thanks.

  9. Ganesh Mahadevan

    I am toying with the idea of investing in an apartment in the Legacy Salvador Project of Legacy Global. What has been the project completion as well as quality record of the builders ? I am aware of the Queens Road problem they got into.

    • Anu Raghavan

      Did you get any response to this question? Have you gone ahead and booked Legacy Salvador? I am also evaluating this project as of now. Hence, asking. Thank you.

  10. mahesh

    TGS E COMMERCE PVT LTD / TGS PROPERTY / this company has many more name that can be written. They are masters in selling a land in Half Rates, I hope you might have noticed some ads in daily news papers. They mention that they have 30+ projects that are going on in and around bangalore its all beautiful to listen to this story. And with there mouth watering half price discount sale we have already bought there story and started concreting a dream house on it for may be a retirement plan, As what else can help you apart of the real estate growth.

    Please review this fact figures, before getting into this half price sale:

    When you go to buy anything from TGS they say that the company is in real estate business from last 4 years, but this company is been registered TGS E COMMERCE – is registered on 02/05/2014 – according to Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

    The Rest of the years of experience comes from, Square Foot Property / Dreamz GK / Dreamz Infra / and now they are known as TGS ECOM / TGS PROPERTY / and many more tgs names.

    You will never get a chance to meet the MD of this company, they are always hidden, as you know when you do wrong things to accumulate money the fear factory will be there where you don’t have the guts to keep an eye on and talk.

    Don’t fall a pray seeing there beautiful office at HSR Layout, More than the real estate staff they have IT( SOFTWARE) Employees in place, Surprised WHY? is an search engine optimisation service, they guys make sure that non of there bad reviews are available on google which would harm there reputation, but if you are really good on the keyboard then definitely you will be able to find the traces of this company’s black listing.

    Also there is a team that keep’s on blogging about all the good feedback to keep up there reputation, this testimonials are not from customers but only from there staff who do it.

    They get into MOU’s for property which dose not even belong to them, nor they have any documents under their custody, Jack is the owner, Tom is the Buyer who has documents and TGS collects money, which is no where legal under the indian court of law.

    They promise you money back guarantee with bank intreats out any deduction, Non of the Reputed homebasics do this. Your time is money remember this.

    Everybody in this world need money as they too, if they approach any financial institution before funding they try to value the company and based on which they fund, and also the borrowed funds also carry an interest, hope you know this. But this is not the case with TGS.

    You will be interested in a property of TGS(FLAT / VILLA / PLOT) you will make token of 1lks and after verification of the documents you will pay min confirmation amount of 25% they will have an MOU with you and the REFUND is very much clearly written 100 time in very page like a fool. And people fall pray.

    For instance, Lets assume: 1 Person pays 5 lks and there are 500 people who have booked the property i.e RS 25,00,00,000/- Crs are been earned without any difficulty. And the 500 People that I have mentioned is very least, when there is a half price sale most of the middle class, and business people vouch in to get the best deal and make money.

    And this money is total Interest Free, and once you smell this company is a fraud, and when you apply for cancellation, either the refund is not honoured on time or the cheques get’s bounced, the practical reason is as they need to again collect the money from this same method by cheating other people and then they need to refund you.

    This company has more Cancellation forms filled than Sale Agreement deed, Note I am not talking about MOU.

    On the site visit they try to show you any sites, if its of 5 acres they will have taken about 1500 booking – Please guess how can you accommodate these may people in a this piece of land.

    At the last moment they would raise up there hands and say, Sorry your booking have to be cancelled as there is no availability in the booked property as we have allocated the sites to people on first come, first basis and who have paid us 100% of the amount and then you will revive an option of getting a plot in belendoor or some tippsandra or some sandras of bangalore(which again is a time buying scheme).









    I was one among them to give a cheque of 10,00,000 but I found out about this fraud on time. So I was lucky not to loose any money but all others might not be aware of this, and I would like to safeguard other people’s hard earned money. I would definitely like to rip this guys off and I will definitely do my best to uncover this. Need any help contact me at


    • Prakash C.H

      I am also one of the victim of TGS construction, please can you help how to process to get my money from TGS constructions.

  11. Rakesh

    SPRING FIELD INFRASTRUCTURE such a worst builder in bangalore. Till they get money in hand, they will lick your legs, then they will show their reality. Just asked for parking allotment, they can’t have back bone to do it and no second level painting done at the apartments. And always will drink and come to the apartments and also they came to beat apartments resident for whatever these guys promised us to deliver.

  12. Kumar


    I am looking to buy a flat in Big Banyan Roots on Sarjapur road. Kindly let me know the feedback of Big Banyan Builders and their previous projects. I have been trying to get reviews on their completed projects but no reviews on internet, this seems very strange. Looking forward to your replies, thank you!


  13. saurabh

    Hi, I am planning to book flat in SSVR urban flora whitefield, I would like to know about SSVR constructions. Are they reliable and in which tier they fall in… , Please help.

  14. saurabh

    Hi, I would like to know about SSVR constructions. Are they reliable and in which tier they fall in… I am planning to book flat in SSVR urban flora whitefield , Please help.

  15. kumar

    Recently I have visited a SLV sungrove project of SLV construction near kadugodi. The project looks very good, but when I visited the website there are two company website slv and slv
    Please suggest anyone.Is the builder was fake or is he tied up with him?

  16. Haranath

    I own a house property site dimension 2400 SQFT BDA original allottee property located in bhuvanagiri layout banasawadi Bangalore 560043 now I want to demolish and bring flats on joint venture I expect goodwill 50 lakhs plus four flats for my share site va Rs 13000 rupees sqft flats are Rs 8000 sqft two bedroom flat is Rs 80 lakhs if any firm interested PL contact me mob 8553702423. email

  17. Kiran Manjunath

    Dear Friends,

    I was browsing through and found this link from “STATE LEVEL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY,

    In this link I see the following list of projects as “Deferred Projects”, can anyone help me understand more on this. Is there any issue in buying the projects mentioned below:

    1) Residential Apartment with Club House Project at Survey Nos. 18/4B,
    18/4C, 18/5B2 & 18/5B3, Doddanagamangala Village, Begur Hobli,
    Bengaluru South Taluk, Bengaluru Urban District of M/s. Radiant Structures
    (P) Ltd. (SEIAA 213 CON 2015)

    2) Residential Apartment Project at Sy.No.73/1, Khatha No.198/73/1, Ward
    No.197 of Doddakallasandra Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, Bangalore South
    Taluk, Bangalore Urban District of M/s. M.V. & Vajra Developers, #18, 1st
    main, 2nd Stage, R.K.Layout, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560070. (SEIAA
    13 CON 2016)

    3)Residential Apartment Project at Sy.Nos.9/3 & 11/2 of Kumbena Agrahara
    Village, Bidarahalli Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk, Bengaluru Urban District of
    M/s. Shree Maheswara Developers (SEIAA 8 CON 2016)

    4)Proposed Residential Apartment project at Sy. No. 56/1, 56/2 and 52/2B,
    Bhattarahalli Village, Bidarahalli Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk, Bangalore of
    Shri. K. Peddi Reddy, Smt. K.V. Padmavathi and Sri. K.N. Subbaraya Shetty
    (SEIAA 56 CON 2016)

    5) Proposed Residential Development called “Sterling Infinia” at Khata No.
    1093, Sy. No. 7/2, 8/2, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/16, 10 and 55,
    Agara Village, Begur Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk of M/s Sterling
    Developers Pvt. Ltd. (SEIAA 127 CON 2015).

    6)“PALM HILLS” Residential cum Commercial Buildings Project at Sy.Nos.
    168/1, 168/2, 168/3, 168/4, 96/1P, Padavu Village, Mangalore Taluk,
    Dakshina Kannada District of M/s. Red Bricks Dwelling & Infra Projects
    Pvt. Ltd., Olympia Residency, Kalpane, Kulshekar Mangalore – 575005.
    (SEIAA 208 CON 2015)

    7)Expansion of “SKYLARK ARCADIA” Residential Villas Project at Sy.No.22/1,
    23/2 & 24/1, Sadaramangala, K.R.Puram Hobli, Bangaluru East Taluk,
    Bangaluru Urban District of M/s. Skylark Mansions Pvt. Ltd., #37/21,
    Skylark Chambers, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore – 560 042. (SEIAA 189 CON 2015)

    8) Proposed Residential Apartment project “Krishna Gold Field” at Survey Nos.
    5/7, 35/1, 38/1 and 46, Andapura Village, Attibele Hobli, Anekal Taluk,
    Bangalore of M/s. Krishna Enterprises (Housing & Infrastructures) India Pvt.
    Ltd., No. 32, PSR Marvel, Bellary Main Road, Hebbal, Bangalore – 560 024.
    (SEIAA 183 CON 2015)

    Please advice on this, below is the link where I found this informations

  18. Mamta Sharma

    Does anyone know about VRR Builders & Co . Are they good ? how’s there construction quality ? Right now there one project is going on Sarjapur road and i am interested in that so please provide me with the feedback wether to invest or not

  19. Shridar

    Dont go to Bluebell developers/Nishitha properties both are same. They are cheating customers with different names.

  20. Mridul

    Need to know about SLV Elite builders. SLV Elite building in Electronic city. Opposite to Ajmera. Are they genuine builder ?

    • Vijay

      Hi Mridul,

      DId you get any review about SLV Elte. I am also looking for same info since i want buy a flat in this property.


  21. giridhar

    Hello Team,

    Can you guys please let me know whether i can buy a flat through “Kumari builders bangalore”

  22. Akash

    I am planning to buy in Orchid Whitefield. Is anyone planning to buy on same property? What is the reputation of builder?

    • giridhar

      hello khan but they are showing all the documents that is required iam really confused with the reviews please help me how can validate those docs

  23. Shariff

    Image Constructions / Nishitas Properties / Bluebell Properties / Developers / Nishitas Ready mix are completely one group and may be other companies which we are not aware,
    These people are worst in the world, when we plan to buy the flat, they will tell lot of things, they will encourage to buy and they will give flat at very cheap rate, suppose in market rate the value is 50 lakhs, they will give below 25 lakhs also, they are collecting money like pre launch offer, customer may feel, it is good, we are getting the flat at very cheap rate and it may finish with in 2 years maximum like that and customer will invest the money and will get flat registration.
    Once customer invest the money, then only start their work. Their employees and MD Of group of bullshit companies, doesn’t respond to customer’s, even you can’t see him in their office’s and their none of employees will give details about him, they just tell, as per Management information, we can’t give details and also if customer ask about project progress, they say we will finish with in 3 months,, this 3 months never end in their life and if customer talk little seriousely, they say simply we don’t know, talk with MD. In customer life MD Will not get, if customer call also in MD Number, he don’t answer to calls, suppose if customer call continuously, other guy will answer and find out who is calling and that guy will tell, Sir is in puja / bathroom etc. and will tell I will inform to sir and will call you back, but in customer life don’t get call bak, this is the way their cheating.
    I am sure one time god will give big punishment to such people.
    MD knows how to cheat the customers, and their employees also changing as per MD guidelines, MD doesn’t know how to finish the apartment even after 5 years, almost all your apartments is just finished 40-50% and remaining it is hanging like dead body. MD is a Big cheater, he will tell lot of things for cheating, but he don’t do anything in his life, he will sell the one flat for 2 people also, he will make agreements same flat only for 2 or more people. be careful before purchasing please. Even in Ready mix also he use cheap quality materials to spoil builders quality.

    • Raheem

      You are right Shareef. Don’t believe them. They never give our money back and they wont provide our flats.

  24. Jeethendra (9980666522)

    Planning to book Manifest Fortune in Hebbal, please let me know if anyone know about Manifest builder and developer

  25. MADHU (09632712721)

    Hi sir,
    Please give your review on 5 elements realty builder.
    They say that they have constructed many apartments in south Bangalore.
    Are they reliable builders ?

  26. Sunil kumar (08553642230)

    Could you please tell me about Sri sai Developers and their reliability in bangalore hosa road?

  27. Christo Sudeep Dsouza (09401377785)

    Please let me know if NR Greenwoods Commanders Windgates is a good project worth investing in Thanisandra.What is the credential of this builder.

  28. Krishna

    can someone let me know about Kumasi builders
    Are they reliable
    Is their construction quality good
    Any cracks, leakage, congestion problems in their previous projects
    Even they do quote low price than the market value
    Any specific details about their new project amaranthine would help

  29. Manoj Verma (9035749976)

    Hi All,

    I have booked apartment in TGS Hamilton, From last 6 months they are telling the story of Conversion and still the conversion is not done.
    Please let me know if someone else has done the booking in TGS Hamilton. I don’t know whether I should go for refund or wait for some more time… Any advise is appreciated.

    My contact Number: 9035749976

    • Manish kumar

      Immediately go for refund. They are not good builders. I have reserched on them. Along with them also don’t go for Gruha Kalyaan,

  30. Swati

    Hi people,
    TGS shabhavi looks like a fraud.
    There are many online forums like IREF and complaintsboard where people have exposed TGS scam.
    Please go through these sites. The project does not have any approvals.
    The land is very small and does not look like 7 acres, as claimed. Beware of such cheap projects.

    • Anil

      Hi swati madan,

      I am planing to buy a site in kengeri Bangalore from TGS construction , can U pls confirm me it is fraud or not.

  31. Praveen Pandit (+919986026631)


    I am going to book a flat with MBR homes PVt ltd. just wanted to know the status of Builder is it safe to book???

  32. usha (9820128784)

    I am about to book a 3 bhk flat in a joint development project of an owner with ‘sai siri developers’.Can anybody who has bought with them give a feedback?

  33. ajit singh (9886606284)

    Hello Sir/madam,

    I want to book flat at Dhathri Elite from Dhathri Builders at RR Nagar. Could you please tell me the accountability of this builder. Is it safe to book flat in this apartment? Waiting for your valuable reply and many thanks in advance.

    Ajit Singh

    • Amzad (9930678751)

      Guys for your good decision do not purchase flat from VBHC because the actual owner “Mr. Rahul Sabharwal” doing fraud work. I have purchased flat from this VBHC company and I have all the documents for showing to anyone. I did all the payments as per their company policy so that’s why they have given me flat key. I specially paid agreement amount 194898 and 52000 thousand Rupees for Government stamp registration and 4500 for advocate paper works. But actual owner “Mr. Rahul Sabharwal” given me agreement in normal yellow pages not in Government stamp papers. The problem is If I paid special amount 194898 for Government stamp papers then why he given me normal yellow pages. If he is honest then he should answer.

      More reviews about this company, please visit at:

  34. Kumar


    Did anyone book flat at TGS Switzerland – Jeevan bhima nagar? Did anyone verify the documents with legal advocate? When are they going to start the construction ? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    • Ravindra (9741300552) (9741300552)


      I have booked in TGS Switzerland. If anybody else have booked, please call me to share your experiences.

      With regards, Ravindra

      • Ravindra HC

        I don’t want anybody to call me on this number and disturb me. I have not booked any property with TGS.
        I don’t know how the earlier comment appeared here.

  35. Deepak Tumsi

    Please share the review of TGS constructions, they have come up with low price Flats and Plots.( They have not done any projects before)
    How could they promote in such a low cost?
    can we believe them and buy?
    they are selling properties showing MOU’s, MOU’s can be cancelled anytime right?
    They say they are official partners for RCB, how would this helps in promoting their projects, that too at such a less prices?

    Please some answer this.

    • Rama (9620064719)

      Hi Deepak,

      I have booked a flat recently in Bangalore. While searching for a flat , I did receive call from TGS constructions, I really felt it is too good to be true. So I called them back to ask more details about the project and that’s when the truth came out. They did not obtain the BBMP approved plan by then ( 30th Nov 2015) and when I insisted that I wanna see their previous projects and address of the same. They disconnected my call. I think they hired some exceptionally good customer service representatives and making sales without even showing their previous works. Hope this helps

  36. Arun (8105767711)

    Need to know about Sriven Lumious Amaltas in Electronic City. How is the quality of building and construction.

  37. Manish

    Hello, I would like to know about Sai Lakshmi shelters, Are they realible and which category they fall in ?

  38. Priyadarshan

    I have booked one layout from CONCEPT CITY DEVELOPERS Bangalore. Can any one provide me details ..Is concept city builder is reliable??

  39. rashmi

    Sir i want to know about saketh builders and construction… they are doing a project with 5 elementsrealty at bangalore. Kindly let me know the reliability and the points to be checked before proceeding..,

  40. abdhesh kumar

    I want to know reliability and credit of tgs construction pvt ltd in the market for having a property deal

    • TGS Construction is not a well know builder as per my knowledge they are the same promoters like dreamGK. We donot deal with TGS, I would recommend you to check their completed projects and than take a decision.

      We deal with only Tier-1, Tier-2 builders, but there are also few mediocre builders who have a good track record of project completion and with clear documents.

      • venki

        Hi Naqui,

        Have you got any information about TGS construction ,i am also waiting for same information like what you need.please share whatever information u got till now.


      • usha (9999859153)

        sir,I want to know about the reliability of TGS builders,in particular,their ATHENS project in /near whitefield.are they having all relevant papers.

  41. Aniruddha Chakrabarty

    Hello, I would like to know about Columbia Developers PVT Ltd. Are they reliable and in which tier they fall in ….

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