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Bhartiya City Developers comes from a background of design. Started in 1987 designing apparel. Soon, designs from there studios in Milan were being adapted by brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Zara and Mango. During the course of our evolution, we struck upon a simple truth: good design makes people happy. Be it a well cut, flattering jacket or a thoughtfully built house.

To go from one to the other was to take us two decades. During these years, our founder Snehdeep Aggarwal travelled extensively to the finest cities in the world. The contrast between what he saw in Munich, Florence, London, and what he came back home to was tremendous. Even the common man there could afford a good home. Cycling to work was not life-threatening. If such a life was possible in Amsterdam and Barcelona and Milan, why not here? For our founder, this was not a rhetorical question. His answer was to build a whole city, to design a whole way of life.

That vision is Bhartiya City. Bhartiya City has brought together architects and urban planners of international repute. They include Perkins Eastman-New York, Cox-Sydney, BDP Khandekar-Amsterdam for master planning, Broadway Malayan-Singapore for residential, retail and hotel and Edifice-Mumbai for the IT Park, amongst many others.

Snehdeep founded Bhartiya City Developers in 1987. Over the past 25 years he has charted a unique and distinguished career, reflected in the rise of the Bhartiya City Developers. Bhartiya City Developers has been the largest manufacturer and exporter of leather fashion for over past ten years, with over sixty clients including global majors such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Zara and Mango. Led by the listed Bhartiya International Ltd, the group has an unblemished history of profits and dividends over two decades. The Group’s operation span across the Asian, European and American continents, which included design studios in Italy and manufacturing infrastructure in China.

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